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We work on civic tech for you.


What we can do for you

Maps and visual design

Custom, interactive maps and engaging visuals for your project.


We help you start engagement campaigns for your target audience.


Actionable insight that shape your investments


Nick Hope

Nick Hope is technical lead at PlaceChangers responsible for product delivery. An enthusiastic developer with a passion for quality, scalable products that make...

Sebastian Weise

Sebastian Weise is commercial and UI lead. He knows about participation in urban planning and contributes to our user experience...

Services for

Parish and local councils

We ran consultations that defined the priorities for neighbourhood plans.

Community groups and trusts

We have run regeneration consultations on behalf of development trusts. 

Development consultants

We also offer tailored solutions for larger comprehensive schemes.

  • The app was fantastic. It helped to bring the consultation alive and allowed for more meaningful responses.

Mapping and engagement products made for you