Morecambe Neighborhood Plan

In May 2016, Morecambe Town Council sought the views of local residents to prepare the development of a neighbourhood plan. Morecambe, a former seaside resort and home of 30,000 residents includes several functional areas. Thus the campaign for the neighbourhood plan presented a challenge for the two members of staff to manage. Along the promenade, the central area comprised spots for tourism, retail, and entertainment. Around it were a range of residential wards tapering off to a well-desired greenbelt. The town is facing a low level of investment, fly tipping, and dereliction of important heritage sites. An important link road may offer new opportunities, connecting the town to the M6 motorway. Thus, the questions for the campaign centred around regeneration and heritage; and to make more of any assets already there.


What did we do?

projectFitting to the campaign, PlaceChangers designed an app in support of the open-ended engagement campaign. Based on a set of three key questions (“what should be protected”, “what should be tidied up”, “what could be done to make planning in (and for) Morecambe easier”), the maps kick-started discussions by encouraging residents to leave suggestions on them. This helped to encouraged a focused dialogue for the neighbourhood plan simply by identifying various concerns as they existed around the town.


What was the result?

Combined with the contributions from mailed-in forms, emails, as well as through the website-embedded app from 96 individuals, we captured 165 unique ideas for the neighbourhood plan. Based on the user-generated content, we generated a comprehensive report of key concerns per area. Topic rubrics for each contribution helped establish an indicative set of policies that consultants could use to generate a skeleton for the neighbourhood planning group. This also helped establish working groups for the next stages in preparing the plan documents.

“The app was fantastic. It helped to bring the consultation alive and allowed for more meaningful response”.


Key benefits provided

The PlaceChangers’ engagement platform provided a number of benefits over the clients’  established processes and added new capabilities. For example:



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