Collect and analyse powerful engagement data in a single, easy-to-use online platform

Effective online engagement for architects and planners


The PlaceChangers platform helps you engage the community online.

Reach a wider audience, bring all insights into one place, and increase the effectiveness of your project team.

Build interactive maps and visualisations

Engage online in addition to face-to-face

Analyse and report insights online


Effective engagement for architects and planners

The Placechangers platform is a flexible online community engagement platform that helps you engage more easily and work better accross organisations.


Planning consultants

    Reduce the chance of appeal with compelling data that minimises the risk to your investment.
  • Build goodwill with local people
  • Identify key locations and problem areas through more reliable and relevant feedback


  • Increase the speed and detail of your initial site analysis
  • Unlock powerful feedback that relates back to individual features or aspects of your design or master plan.
  • Bring all feedback into one place

Public sector planners

    Achieve a better understanding of local issues, needs and priorities for local and neighbourhood plans
    Engage widely and report on results more effectively

A community engagement platform that is flexible and adaptive to your needs

The PlaceChangers platform has supported a range of projects including neighbourhood plans, new built master plans, and estate improvement programmes.


Supporting customer success

Valued by clients who embraced a different approach.


PlaceChangers’ partform is a very useful medium for capturing stakeholder insights for masterplans in complex urban environments. It's a valuable complement to more traditional methods of engagement, allowing an ongoing dialogue on evolving plans.

Neil Murphy

Director, TOWN


It was useful for us to record comments that residents made, locate them on a map of the estate and use subject tags. It let us consolidate all of the information we gathered and analyse results by topic and location.

Nicky Watson

Director, JDDK Architects


PlaceChangers offered good value for money. The platform was exactly what we needed.

Sheila Spencer

Trustee, Ouseburn Trust


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