Better public engagement for building Vibrant places

Collect and analyse powerful engagement data in a single, easy-to-use online platform

We help you build more robust engagement data through customisable interactive tools that lets your community stakeholders feedback directly on your project.

We make public feedback easy

Building tangible insights to improve your built environment project.

Interactive maps and visualisations

Create customised, interactive maps for your plan or project

Engagement planning

Involve the public in your project at the touch of a button.

Gain better, more specific responses

Analysis and insights

Improve your project and gain outcomes quicker.

Easily document and analyse responses

The PlaceChangers platform

Our flexible open engagement platform support projects in master planning, neighbourhood plans, and local plans.

  • Local government
  • Planning Consultants
  • parishes and Civic groups

Achieve a better understanding of local issues, needs and priorities through our easy-to-use participatory mapping tool.

Collect public consultation data with feedback from professional stakeholders.

Identify key locations and problem areas through more reliable and relevant feedback.

The app was fantastic. It helped to bring the consultation alive and allowed for more meaningful responses.

David Croxall  //  Town council representative

PlaceChangers offered good value for money. The tool was exactly what we needed and the team was adaptable and responsive throughout.

Sheila Spencer  //  Local trust representative

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