About PlaceChangers

Based in Newcastle (UK), we help organisations embed community and stakeholder engagement into their planning and property development work. 

A company with purpose


We aim to make it easy for planners and architects to underpin their projects with a collaborative approach that delivers tangible insights.

How we do it

We design web applications that help to support and report on engagement with a large audience and the built environment. 

What we do

We connect you to more of the people who matter and reduce your project risk through tangible insights that enhance your proposals or plans. 

The team


Dr. Sebastian Weise

Sebastian is commercial lead and an expert in local planning and construction. He also contributes to our user experience work with his detailed background in user research, application prototyping and product validation.

Megan Doherty

Megan is working on innovation at the intersection of master planning, BIM, and public engagement. She is also a post-graduate researcher at Northumbria University.

Our advisory board

At the moment our advisory board comprises Justin Souter and Gard Jenssen. 

Gard brings expertise in smart cities, government and venture capital. Previously VP Product at Yahoo and an adviser to the Norwegian government, Gard is a partner at Smart Cities Norway and an active tech investor.

Justin is a start-up mentor in the North East of England passionate for lean startup methods. In the past he worked for 10 years as a consultant in enterprise IT.

Our innovation partnerships

We strive to build innovation partnerships. Here are our past successes.

  • Finalist InnovateUK challenge on “Innovating in urban spaces”
  • Winner in Future Cities Catapult competition "Future of Planning"
  • Award holder for ERDF-supported IIIIP program  with Northumbria University 
  • Grant holder of GX Innovation grant 
  • Grant holder of GX Collaborate grant 

The PlaceChangers online engagement platform is our core product. It can be used in a range of projects, such as neighbourhood, local, and master plans.