About PlaceChangers

We strive for a world where thriving places are created together. 

At PlaceChangers, we build best-in-class digital tools that give ambitious design teams inspiration and insights, throughout the planning process for built environment projects, allowing them to make cost-effective decisions and change places for the better.


The team


We bring the expertise necessary for digital end-to-end planning processes based on user-centred design principles. We regularly to partner with other experts in our network to get the job done. 


Sebastian Weise (PhD), Founder & CEO

Sebastian founded PlaceChangers.  He brings a decade of experience working in proptech. Sebastian enjoys helping planners deliver successful public engagement online.


Alex Moon, Co-Founder & CTO

Alex has a decade of work in software engineering with a focus on enterprise products and dashboards. He's passionate about a planning system that delivers value for all. 


Megan Doherty, Innovation lead (BIM)

Megan is working on innovation at the intersection of master planning, BIM, and public engagement. She is also a post-graduate researcher at Northumbria University.

Our advisory board

Our advisory board comprises Justin Souter, Gard Jenssen, and Sheryle Moon. 


Justin Souter

Justin works with founders and corporate innovators. He helps validate ideas and business models through the lean start up methodology. He is involved with multiple startup accelerator programmes in the North East, including the Digital City Accelerator.


Sheryle Moon

Sheryle Moon is a former Australian Businesswoman of the year and brings significant experience to PlaceChangers as a former CEO in multinational organisations and work in five successful start-up operations in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

Innovation is in our DNA

We love research and development that improves the lives of citizens and helps our users. Innovation depends on collaboration. We we build innovation partnerships, across end users, industry, and university partners.  

  • Finalist InnovateUK challenge on “Innovating in urban spaces”
  • Winner in Future Cities Catapult competition "Future of Planning"
    Grant holder of GX Innovation grant
  • InnovateUK project on health outcomes in master planning

Our core product is the PlaceChangers online engagement platform. The platform has supported consultation and engagement on a wide range of projects.