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When planning a housing development, it is natural to have some doubts about which design assumptions may turn out to[...]
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Most modern community engagement and outreach strategies face the challenge of engaging audiences both offline and online. In the past,[...]
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On the 24th of July, the government released the new National Planning Policy Framework - a crucial point of reference[...]
Key jobs in productive community engagement that you need to ‘nail’
Community engagement for a planning project can seem daunting - but it does not need to be. Typically, community engagement[...]
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In mid-sized or larger schemes, there is often a question as to when and what level of engagement should be[...]
The six key benefits of early community engagement for larger development schemes
When planning a development scheme, the temptation for organisations to skip, accelerate or water down up-front engagement can be hard[...]
Introducing the PlaceChangers blog!
PlaceChangers, as a company, has been going for an incredible three years now. Since PlaceChangers was founded back in 2015[...]