Affordable housing for Crook

Crook Community Leisure is leading an exciting new project to design and built high quality affordable housing suitable to the Crook community. 


About this project


Through this community-led housing project Crook Community Leisure is dedicated to providing access to affordable housing for local residents.

With this project we aim to achieve a number of goals for the community in Crook:

  • We aim to prioritise the provision of appropriate housing for Veterans and local residents with disabilities
  • We want to support the ongoing activities of Crook Community Leisure.

The revenue from this project will be re-invested into expanding the leisure facilities on our existing site nearby.


The site

The site sits to the northern edge of Crook within walking distance of the town and high street, and is also served by local bus routes with stops adjacent to the site. Historically, the site has played host to leisure facilities supporting the use of Peases West Sport Pitch, the site is currently vacant with some tree cover to the perimeter of the site.


Opportunities for getting involved

We want to shape the site together with the community. There are three  key opportunities to get involved.


Housing needs survey and character appraisal (DONE): We want to hear from you about the local housing in your area and what you think we should provide.


Pre-application consultation (OPEN): Based on the inputs, we create a design that reflects local needs. This is an opportunity to shape the designs.


Application consultation: The council will make available the final application documents. You can comment on the final proposals on the council's website.


Crook Housing Needs Survey and Character Appraisal


We seek your views on the following aspects:

  1. What type and size of housing do you think is required in the area, to ensure that any future development meets the needs of the local community?
  2. What are your views on the wider character of the area – the social facilities, landscape features, community organisations and architectural styles that make Crook unique? 

The Housing Needs Survey completed. A report will be provided as part of the planning application.

Click 'VIEW' to open this campaign.  


Design review


Thank you for your feedback during the initial housing needs survey and urban area character review of Crook and Billy Row. Based on the feedback from the initial survey and in consultation with the client Crook Community Leisure, we are excited to present to you our design concept for this community-led affordable housing site.

This consultation is now open. Click on 'RESPOND' (below) to open the consultation in a new window. 


application consultation

On the councils' planning portal in January 2021.

Coming soon

Our Team

James Longfield (Dixon Dawson)


Joe Ridgeon (Hedley Planning)



John Winter (Crook Leisure Centre)

Project owner

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