Ouseburn Futures generates 5300 responses in four months



Between February and May 2017, Ouseburn Futures sought the views of the public on buildings of cultural and heritage significance for a new heritage strategy for the Ouseburn Valley, which lies to the east of Newcastle city centre.

Ouseburn Valley holds a significant part of the proud industrial heritage in the North East. Today, it has emerged as a vibrant cultural spot integral to Newcastle’s growing creative scene. The Ouseburn Farm, a community-run urban farm, the Seven Stories National Museum for Children’s Books and the Toffee Factory are among the places of significance that make the Ouseburn Valley what it is today.


What was done?

Using its reliable and easy-to-use engagement platform, PlaceChangers enabled the client (Ouseburn Futures) to reach residents, visitors, and individuals via an online engagement campaign. The campaign featured widely on social media and in the local newspaper, with members of the public able to vote and comment on the protection status of 122 buildings.

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What outcomes were achieved?

In total 125 individuals participated, leaving 5308 votes/comments. The campaign reached 100% coverage with 43 responses per building on average. Based on the user-generated content, a comprehensive report was produced that now successfully informs Ouseburn Future’s work with the council on updating the heritage protection strategy for the area.

PlaceChangers offered good value for money. The tool was exactly what we needed and the team was adaptable and responsive throughout.

Sheila Spencer (Trustee, Ouseburn Trust)

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