250 people engaged to feedback on new Wolverton neighbourhood


Town partnered with PlaceChangers to support the stakeholder engagement for the Love Wolverton project. 

Love Wolverton is a £25m mixed-use regeneration project in Wolverton town centre, establishing five new residential blocks and commercial spaces with a master plan designed to reopen traditional street patterns.

Town develops sustainable, well-designed new homes which respond to people’s needs. At its core, Town seeks to deliver high quality neighbourhoods which will improve, not detract from, the places that they’re built in. 


What was done?

Town set up two campaigns on the PlaceChangers consultation platform, hosted on the Love Wolverton project website.

Two campaigns were linked to the design development stages RIBA2 (concept design) and RIBA3 (detailed design). Doing so, the client wanted additional views on things that made the area special; as well as suggestions and commentary on improvements on the detailed project design.

To help with the interpretation of feedback, PlaceChangers provided custom icons for four response categories that linked to key topics: such as built environment, green space, and play.

What makes Wolverton special?

Respondents could sent photos and comments by adding them to an interactive town map.  

What do you think about the emerging plans for the former Agora site?

Respondents could explore the emerging model of the development project and feedback on the design.


What outcomes were achieved?

The campaigns helped Town check their understanding with local stakeholders. Besides participants in three public exhibition events, the campaigns reached a total of 256 visitors. The campaigns generated a total of 45 useful responses that went back to the client and the design team. Whenever required Town could download a  consultation report. 

Below is a brief selection of responses received indicating the kinds of feedback generated. 

Sample responses: What makes Wolverton special?

Sample responses: What do you think about the emerging plans for the former Agora site? 

PlaceChangers’ partform is a very useful medium for capturing stakeholder insights for masterplans in complex urban environments. It's a valuable complement to more traditional methods of engagement, allowing an ongoing dialogue on evolving plans." 

Neil Murphy, Director — Director

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