The PlaceChangers platform

The PlaceChangers engagement platform makes it easy to create online consultations for your planning proposals and placemaking strategies.


Core features


Get started quickly with a step-by-step project wizard

Effortlessly set up and customise your project so that you are ready to go in a few minutes.


Visualise your plans easily with interactive proposal maps

Present your your proposals in easy-to-use interactive maps and visualisations and get more meaningful responses.


Get summary reports on-demand

Use built-in analytics to summarise responses and identify key themes. Use the response reports internally and get visual summaries  to your consultation reports.


Flexible and easy-to-configure response settings

Set response and discussion options to define the type of responses and scope of the consultation. 


No installation required

The PlaceChangers platform simply works in the browser - on desktop and on mobile.


Invite your team

Invite your team to share insights quickly


How it works


Use visuals you already have

Use site layouts and renders from your architect to set up your project. 


Animate your plans

Define which aspects you like to feature and make available to respond to and which ones not.


Invite respondents by email, social media, or via flyers; or embed the project on your website

Use the link to the project to invite the public to respond. 


View and download your report

Access a visual summary of responses via the Platform - all in one place.


Start your own project

Start your own engagement campaign in just a few minutes on our platform. Get in touch to request an invite.Sign up for a 14-day free trial to get started.