Our services

With our apps you can interact with your key audiences to understand opinions and views, establish unknown facts so you understand opportunities and concerns. 


Works IN your website

Appealing tool that easy integrates with your existing websites. 

Makes participation easy

Easy-to-use maps and visualisations that make participation easy.

  Engage with large audiences

Automated interactive content summaries.

  Access to Expert advice

Hands-on support is available if required (e.g. data import and reporting)

    Access to your data

Simple export of campaign data to spreadsheets.

  Understand audience segments

Campaign analytics to understand your audience in greater detail.

Looking for something more? Our services adapt to your requirements. So whether you do a neighbourhood plan,  site-based assessments, transport reviews, we can help. 

Some of our recent projects

Have a look at some of our past work

Let us help you engage and gather feedback for your project or issue. Get a free consultation and a demo tailored to your needs.